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Basic Info

Departs: Okinawa(Naha)
Visits: Okinawa(Nago)
Req. per Booking: 10‐25guests

This tour starts from Okinawa airport. FLIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Please reserve flight by yourself or contact us.


Meal: Breakfast 2 / Lunch 3 /Dinner 2
Accommodation: 2nights in Yugaf Inn Okinawa

Other Information

Schedule would be changed to “Glass house in forest” instead of beach on 25th depends on the weather.

Superb view from hotel rooms

Hotel Yugaf Inn Okinawa

Lunch buffet with halal meals
(※The photo is an image)

Lunch buffet with halal meals
(※The photo is an image)


MARCH 31st (Tue)


  • Refunds and cancellations will not be approved even if schedule changes because of the weather.
  • Meals are basically Halal meal and prayer places are guaranteed.
  • Depending on traffic conditions, time devoted to the tour may need to be shortened.
  • The hotel will be “Yugaf Inn" Muslim friendly hotel.
  • Drinks are not included.
  • Children under 5years old is FREE only if you do not need meals, bed and bus seat for children.
    If you do not need beds but meals, price will be 25,500 JPY.
    Children up to 6years will be same price as adult.

Registration has been closed.

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Cancellation Rates

If a client cancels the Travel Contract for personal reasons, the following cancellation rates will apply to the tour fare.

Time of Cancellation Cancellation rate
(1) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company 21 or more days prior to the starting date of the tour. No Charge
(2)If notice of cancellation is received by the Company 20 days to 8 days prior to the starting date other tour. 20% of the tour fare
(3) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company 7 days to 2 days prior to the starting date of the tour. 30% of the tour fare
(4) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company 1 day prior to the starting date of the tour. 40% of the tour fare
(5) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company prior to the starting time of the tour. 50% of the tour fare
(6) If notice of cancellation is received by the Company after day of departure,or In case of failure to show without notice 100% of the tour fare

Included in the Tour Fare

The following may eventually include items unrelated to the tours you choose. Please note that the items included in the tour fare are only those as specified in the itinerary. In principle, the Company will not make refunds for the below fare even if clients choose not to use the relevant services.

Hotel Rooms Rooms with private bath on a twin room basis at the hotels. A client traveling alone is requested to book a single room for tours including accommodations. Triple room may be provided as a twin room with one extra bed added.
Meals Only the meals specified in each itinerary
Sightseeing & Excursions By sedan, van, taxi, motorcoach and/or sightseeing boat on a seat-sharing basis, plus admission fees to temples, shrines, museums, etc mentioned in each itinerary. A minibus, sedan or taxi may be used when the total number of participants is limited. Seat-sharing sightseeing tours for Japanese tourists are used for some tours.
Gratuities Gratuities to hotel workers, porters and chauffeurs.
Tax Consumption Tax.


1. Contract for Agent-Organized Tours

  1. Responsibility rests with the company operating Agent-Organized Tours (hereinafter referred to as the Company) whose name in full appears below and in its tour pamphlets. Clients joining such tours shall conclude an Agent-Organized Tour Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Travel Contract) with the Company. Makuhari Messe Inc.(Messe travel service) Address:2-1 Nakase Mihama-ku Chiba city Travel agency No. 2-748
  2. The Company shall provide tour arrangements and itinerary management so that the client receives tour services including transport/accommodations (hereinafter referred to as "tour services") provided by transportation/accommodation operators during the tour itinerary set by the Company.
  3. The content and conditions of the contract shall conform to those specified for each tour itinerary, conditions as specified hereunder, the final itinerary handed to clients before departure (hereinafter referred to as the "Final Tour Itinerary"), and Agent-Organized Tours as described in the Company's general terms and conditions as based on the Travel Agency Law (hereinafter referred to as "General Terms and Conditions of Agent Organized Tours").

2. Application of Agent-Organized Tour Contracts and their Conclusion

  1. The client shall provide information on the Company application form as required by the Company and submit the form together with the necessary reservation fee.
  2. The Company accept applications for travel contracts by mail. In such case, the client shall submit the application form and reservation fee to the Company when acceptance of application is confirmed.
  3. The client shall notify the Company when submitting application if requiring special consideration during the tour period, the Company shall comply with such requests when feasible.

3. Special Conditions of Tour Application

  1. The Company may refuse an application if any one of the client's age, qualifications, skills or other conditions do not conform to those designated for tours aimed at specific customer categories or purposes.
  2. Clients who require special attention from the Company during the tour for reason of chronic disease, general ill-health, pregnancy or physical handicap, shall advise the Company of this when applying for the tour. The Company shall comply with such requests to the extent deemed feasible and reasonable. And if the Company takes a special arrangement in compliance with the client's request, the client shall be responsible for incurred expenses related with the request. The Company may require clients to present a medical certificate. The Company may refuse a client's application if conditions at travel destinations and facilities are such that safe, smooth tour operation cannot be guaranteed, or require the client to be accompanied by an escort. In some cases, the Company shall change a part of the itinerary or recommend the client to join another tour with the minimum extra charge or refuse his/her participating the tour. In regards to Clauses 1, 2 and 3, the Company shall make notification concerning the acceptance or rejection of client participation in the tour within one week of application submission.
  3. If the Company determines that the client needs medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician owing to illness, functional disease or other reasons during the tour, the Company shall take measures necessary to ensure smooth operation of the tour. All costs resulting from such measures shall be borne by the client.
  4. Independent activities for reasons of the client's own choosing shall not be arranged by the Company during the tour. However, the Company may, depending on the tour course, arrange such activities under separate conditions.
  5. The Company may refuse client participation if it determines that he or she threatens to embarrass, inconvenience or interfere with the collective activities of tour participants.
  6. The Company may also refuse client participation for the tour operational reasons.

4. Not Included in the Tour Fare

Charges and expenses other than those specified in the preceding Article 5, such as:

  1. Laundry, telephone, additional meals and drinks, and any other expenses of personal nature.
  2. Medical expenses for injuries and illness.
  3. Travel and accommodation costs between arrival/departure and the start and end points of the itinerary.

5. Revision of Travel Service Content

The Company may, after conclusion of the Travel Contract, revise its contents and services for any of the following reasons: natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services rendered by transport/accommodation facilities, provision of transportation not based on the original operational plan, governmental orders, or other circumstances beyond the Company's control. The Company reserves the right to take necessary measures when safe, smooth tour operation in accordance with the itinerary is deemed impossible, or when there is valid reason to believe that the tour cannot continue. In such cases, the Company must explain in a timely manner its inability to function according to the Travel Contract under the circumstances. However, said explanation may be made after revisions are made when conditions demand.

6. Liability of the Company and Exemptions

  1. In performing its obligations under the terms of its Tour Contract, should the Company cause damage to the client through willful negligence or fault, the Company shall be liable for such damages. However, this only applies if the damage report is made within 2 years reckoned from the day following the occurrence of the damage.
  2. The Company shall compensate for damage to baggage as stated above, provided that said damage is reported within 14 days counting from the day after the occurrence, up to a maximum of 140,000 yen per person. Not applicable when damage is caused intentionally by the Company or through serious negligence. 
  3. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by clients as stipulated in Clause 1 hereinabove if any of the following reasons apply:
  1. Natural disaster, war, civil unrest, and alteration or cancellation of tour itinerary due to such causes.
  2. Accidents during transportation or accommodations, damage by fire.
  3. Cessation of services related to transportation or accommodation facilities, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
  4. Orders of either Japanese or foreign governments, immigration regulations, isolation resulting from infectious diseases, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
  5. Accidents occurring during the client's free activities.
  6. Food poisoning.
  7. Theft.
  8. Delays, stoppages, changes of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and tour itinerary alterations and/or shortened stays at destinations owing to such causes.

7. Liability of Clientot

The Company shall require the client to indemnify the Company for losses sustained owing to a client's willful negligence, fault, conduct against public order and good manners, or breach of provisions in the Company's Organized Tour Contract.

  1. The client is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from the Company and to understand the details of his/her rights/responsibilities as well as the details of tour conditions.
  2. After the start of the tour, if a client should find that the tour service provided is different from that specified in the tour contract, the client is required to report the discrepancy to the Company or Arrangement Agents for the Company or Tour Service Providers immediately.
  3. The Company may take necessary measures if a client needs treatment during the duration of the tour due to illness, injuries, etc. In the case the Company is not responsible for the cause of the illness, injury, etc., the client shall bear all costs for said measures and must make the payments by the means and date designated by the Company.
  4. If the client loses the travel coupons provided by the Company, the client shall bear the cost and charges of all shipping facilities used to reissue said coupons. The fares and changes shall correspond with the rates set by the shipping facilities.

8. Correspondence Contract

When we receive an application from a credit cardholder (hereinafter referred to as a "member") of a credit company we deal with, based on the conditions of "receiving payment of travel charges, cancellation fees, etc., without the signature of the member" (hereinafter referred to as a correspondence contract), the travel conditions are different from the ordinary travel conditions in the following points: 

  1. A contract shall be based on "travel business-related stipulations that are used for conclusion of a travel contract by Correspondence means contract."
  2. A contract shall be concluded at the time when we consent in the case of application, and when we issue a notification of our consent. At the time of application, information of the "member number, card expiration date," etc., shall be provided.
  3. A "card usage date" shall be the day of payment or repayment of travel charge, etc. The card usage date for travel charges shall be the "date when a contract is concluded." 

9. Recommendation for Domestic Travel Insurance

During travel, injuries may incur large sums of treatment costs or transportation costs. Accidents may also result in claims for damages and compensations in amounts which are difficult to collect from the offender. In order to secure oneself against such cases, we recommend that the customer take out domestic travel insurance of a sufficient amount. For information regarding domestic travel insurance, please consult the sales staff of the shop at which you applied to the tour.

10. Privacy Policy

Company listed in the Sale Office column will use the personal information provided in the tour application forms only for communicating with clients and for arranging transportation and accommodations to provide the services request by the client. 

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